Fakra conector:

Fakra.jpg fakra2.jpg
Fakra Part A
Pin Signal In/Out Description
1 +SPK-BR O Signal Speaker Back Right
2 +SPK-FR O Signal Speaker Front Right
3 +SPK-FL O Signal Speaker Front Left
4 +SPK-BL O Signal Speaker Back Left
5 -SPK-BR O Ground Speaker Back Right
6 -SPK-FR O Ground Speaker Front Right
7 -SPK-FL O Ground Speaker Front Left
8 -SPK-RL O Ground Speaker Back Left
9 SUPPLY_C-DeV O Power suply of screen
10 CAN_H E/S Signal H CAN bus
11 POS I Position of rectractile screen
12 +PER COM I Main permanent power suply
13 CAN_L E/S Signal L CAN bus
14 ON_CT DEPL O Open/close signal for the retractile screen
15 GND Screen O Ground of screen power suply
16 GND I Main ground
Fakra part B
Pin Signal In/out
1 Video IN 1 + I
2 S.O.S call spk - O
3 Micro - I
4 Audio IN R I
5 BackLight Reg. O
6 Video IN 2 + I
7 Video IN 1 - I
8 S.O.S call spk + O
9 Micro + I
10 Audio In L I
11 Audio In GND I
12 Video IN 2 - I

*Fakra part C is only for the CD Changer, pinout is not needed.

Screen Brown Connector
Pin Signal In/out
1 Power +12v I
2 BackLight Reg. I
4 Unused -
5 Unused -

Pin 1 & 3 of screen brown connector must be connected to pins 9 & 15 of Fackra part A.
Pin 2 of of screen brown connector must be connected to pin 5 of Fackra part B.

*Screen White conector is the image LDVS connection, pinout is not needed.


Adapter to install RT4 in a citroen C4, made from a parrot adapter

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