Modified Scripts

Some actions can be made on the system using modified upgrade scripts.

Using an USB Flash Drive commands can be run without the hassle of burning cd's, and it it possible to read files from the system (and store them on the flash drive)

The C Language interpreter allows some functions and methods to be called.

Tested functions/methods list:

- UpgLogMsg
ex: UPGLogMsg ( "Prepare BootRom upgrade -, Time = %ld\n",tickGet(),0,0,0,0,0 );

- tickget()
ex: UPGLogMsg ( "Prepare BootRom upgrade -, Time = %ld\n",tickGet(),0,0,0,0,0 );

The easier method to run a modified script is to change the SYSTEM_UPGRADE.CMD script on a regular software update image.

Just copy the entire contents of the update CD into the flash drive and modify just the SYSTEM_UPGRADE.CMD file stored in the UPG/Command Folder

Once you insert the USB drive in the system, it will react just as if a CD was inserted. (and will start to read the upgrade script)

It is suggested to use a USB flash drive that has an indicator of read/write acces, so you know that it is doing something.

Some pre-customized scripts will be available here.

- Full Partition copy to USB (tested - also contains some commented examples for single-file copying)

- Simplified version of the above, with some explanations

Minimal set of files needed to run simple scripts (copy/move/delete operations)
Just copy these files from the Upgrade CD and place them on the Root of the USB Flash drive:


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