Flash Disk

The system has an integrated Flash Memory where the main application files are stored and run from.

It is referenced by the software as Drive /F and it is internally called TFFS.

It contains compressed versions of the main application files and some user settings.

This drive is formatted on every software update and all the necessary files are copied here by the upgrade script.
A Backup is made to the /C/BACKUP Folder during the upgrade.

If a file in this area gets damaged (or is changed without calculating the correct checksum) the systems fetches the backup copy made to the Hard disk.

(For example, if you replace the BootScreen.bmp file stored here without having the correct checksum, the system replaces it with the copy from /C/BACKUP/BootScreen.bmp)

It seems that some user settings are also stored here, such as /F/USER_DATA/User_Profile/User_com.dat
This is the location where the files are used. They seem to be copied periodically to the hard disk.

Further details from this drive should be known as soon as a method to list folder contents is found. (Using modified
upgrade scripts )

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