Files Catalogue Dat

The file Catalogue.dat contains a list of all mp3 files and folders in the jukebox. Any mp3 file needs to be referenced here in order to be playable. The file has a fixed size of about 1 Mb, and is erased when we delete all the music in jukebox.

The file is binary and has a header of eight bytes. The first four represents the total number of songs, and the next four the number of folders.

The rest of the file contains blocks representing songs and albums. A album block is followed by a block for every song in the album. The block size is fixed to 300 bytes.

At position EE67C h there is a list of playable songs, if a song isn't at this list it won't be played. The songs in the list are represented by a 4 byte integer (the block order). So it will be a 1 … N list where the album positions are missing.

Block format:

address (relative) size (bytes) description values
0 4 block type 00h=Song, 01h=Album
4 256 path full path to folder/file
260 4 Album id? 03h in albums, XXh in all songs of the same album
264 28 unused? 00h
292 2 number the song in the jukebox 0..n (in album 00h)
294 2 number the song in the courrent album 0..n (in album 00h)
296 2 Album number 0..n
298 2 unused? 00h
  • All numbers in big endian format ( 00 00 00 05 h = 5 d)
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