Cheat Codes 2763

Possible meanings:

apmd apme apmf apnd apne
apnf apod apoe apof armd
arme armf arnd arne arnf
arod aroe arof asmd asme
asmf asnd asne asnf asod
asoe asof bpmd bpme bpmf
bpnd bpne bpnf bpod bpoe
bpof brmd brme brmf brnd
brne brnf brod broe brof
bsmd bsme bsmf bsnd bsne
bsnf bsod bsoe bsof cpmd
cpme cpmf cpnd cpne cpnf
cpod cpoe cpof crmd crme
crmf crnd crne crnf crod
croe crof csmd csme csmf
csnd csne csnf csod csoe

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